Friday, 25 December 2009

FM Fragrance Business Opportunity Merc. program

FM Fragrance rewards its leaders with a very achievable Merc programme attached to the business opportunty. See some of the leaders being presented with there Mercs.

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Monday, 21 December 2009

If FM Fragrance the best mlm business opportunity

My journey with FM Fragrance started out in 2006, I got the kit and basically done nothing with it, my then partner had nothing good to say about it and activly discouraged me from really making a start on it, I once listened to a CD from Jim Rohn, he said don't let the birds get to you, well yep I listened to the birds and gave up.

Just recently someone posted a post on MLM Core I had slated it in much the same manor as my ex partner had done back in 2006.

Hence the reason for my post Eating my words on MLM Core

I was then approached by someone else about the business, something clicked with me and I decided to take another look, I found a business that people who had previously failed in MLM's that were having great success with FM Fragrances The product sells itself, just get people to sniff the perfumes and they are sold on the fragrance and even more happy to pay a low price compaired to similar high street brands.

We have excellent team support come and visit FM Team Support Once you join FM Fragrance you will have full access to the Team support site, there is lots of helpfull ideas and downloads to help you grow your business.