Friday, 25 December 2009

FM Fragrance Business Opportunity Merc. program

FM Fragrance rewards its leaders with a very achievable Merc programme attached to the business opportunty. See some of the leaders being presented with there Mercs.

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Monday, 21 December 2009

If FM Fragrance the best mlm business opportunity

My journey with FM Fragrance started out in 2006, I got the kit and basically done nothing with it, my then partner had nothing good to say about it and activly discouraged me from really making a start on it, I once listened to a CD from Jim Rohn, he said don't let the birds get to you, well yep I listened to the birds and gave up.

Just recently someone posted a post on MLM Core I had slated it in much the same manor as my ex partner had done back in 2006.

Hence the reason for my post Eating my words on MLM Core

I was then approached by someone else about the business, something clicked with me and I decided to take another look, I found a business that people who had previously failed in MLM's that were having great success with FM Fragrances The product sells itself, just get people to sniff the perfumes and they are sold on the fragrance and even more happy to pay a low price compaired to similar high street brands.

We have excellent team support come and visit FM Team Support Once you join FM Fragrance you will have full access to the Team support site, there is lots of helpfull ideas and downloads to help you grow your business.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

There really is such a thing as free PLR Content

Well as you guys no doubt know, to really succeed with our internet marketing careers, we need to have great digital products that convert all of our qualified leads into real, cash-paying customers. For many people, coming up with products will involve them creating them on their own, or it may involve them commissioning other professionals to do the hard work for them.

Chances are though, like most smart internet marketers, you probably want to save a whole lot of time and money. After all, if you were to create your own e-book for instance, expect to spend tens of hours doing the research you need, and then writing the book itself – and that's if you're only semi-decent at writing. If you're a good writer, it will still take you hours and hours and if you're terrible, well, forget it, because your e-book won't sell!

Now, you certainly won't go wrong by hiring a good writer to create a really good e-book, but think about how much a good writer is going to cost you. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on getting visitors to your site so you can make more money?

I'm pretty sure, like me, you're always looking for ways to save time and money on your internet marketing business. I'll easily spend hours each week just reading up on the latest internet marketing happenings and news, in the endless search of improving the way I do business. In my latest search, I came across a really unique website, that's well worth you checking out if you are serious about time and money saving:

Now the name is pretty self-explanatory. This site was created by an internet marketer for internet marketers, and it's a one-stop shop for PLR material. E-books, reports, training videos, e-courses – you name it!

The really wonderful thing about this site though is that membership is free. You can sign up as a VIP Member, which won't cost you a cent, and you can download a huge amount of PLR material for free!

You can sell that material yourself as part of your own internet marketing business, and of course, you can change any part of the product to suit your target audience.

Don't be put off by the free part either, in terms of the quality of the material that's on offer, because I've downloaded the free PLR stuff myself and it's of a really high quality.

I've paid plenty of writers in my time to create digital products, and I can honestly say that the quality of this material is just as good, if not better – without me having to pay the money I would pay a writer.

In addition to the free PLR material you can download as VIP Member, you can also access heaps of great information about how to improve your internet marketing business.

You also have the option of paying a small one-time fee to become a Full Member of the site, and that will entitle you to even more fantastic PLR products to download and sell, plus you can become an affiliate of the PLR Wholesaler website itself, and receive a great commission whenever somebody you refer signs up as a Full Member.

Regardless of whether you're a paying member or not, you will have access to a regular e-newsletter that gets sent out, and if the testimonials are anything to go by, it's definitely one e-newsletter that's worth your while.

I can vouch for that too, and I am a real pro when it comes to deleting emails that bore me!

So, please do me a favor and join now – this is a site that's definitely worth your time regardless of your level of experience in internet marketing, so visit it now at:

Join for FREE here today

I promise you won't be disappointed.

Until next time, may you keep on selling!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

I found this great money earner

I am so impressed with this programme TA Goldmine, it promises to fill your matrix for you, and its done what is said on the tin! Not often you join something and you get members genuinly placed in your downline and get paid for it too!

It operates on a very low weekly cost and if you have another business you can advertise that too to a growing list.

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Friday, 7 August 2009

Recomended business opportunity's

No credit card required for this one!

Broadband is very much in demand and Tiscali offers the most competitive bundle on the UK market today with phone service, free line rental and unlimited broadband, free international calls to there top 10 destinations, the prices start from only £14.99 a month.

Tiscali offers a free opportunity for you to recomend there service to others and they pay you up to £45 per customer that you find and are successfull in taking the services also they pay you a small % on your customers bills every month (known as residual income)

There are many more features to the pay plan, take a look at and you will see the free site that Tiscali offers and you can find out more about the business opportunity Tiscali offers.

Making money online

The .com revolution????

With the dawn of the Internet many people started looking online to make a living and if you have came across this blog then the chances are you are looking for a way to make some money online.

Let me firstly tell you a little about me, I live in a town near Glasgow in Scotland and I am a mum to 4 great kids, I started my work from home search shortly after my second baby was born, with the break up of my marriage and getting to grips with benefits a lovely lady from the "brew" sat in my living room and told me I would get £67 a week to live on, I said oh I will still get my family allowance on top of that, she replied no that includes your family allowance too, I thought how am I meant to live on that, my hubby gave me a lot more than that just to do the weekly shop.

That was 12 year ago and it was the start of me looking at working from home as I realised how dependant I was on my husband and living on benifits had no apeal.

I started with company's like Betterware & Avon, after buying a computer I looked to the internet, what a minefield with many people trying to con you, even with all my experience I still got caught out a month ago, I fell foul of a scam and ended up having to claim back some money via the bank.

No. 1 Rule!

If you are going to buy anything online related to making money don't use your regular bank card where you keep your money for your food and bills. There is an option to get a pre-paid credit card, you need to go and put money in it before you can spend it, gives you time to really think through what you are doing, its all to easy to whip your credit or debit card out and loose your hard earned cash.

No. 2 Rule

Research the make money opportunity, there are many options out there between mlm, affiliate schemes, putting out catalogues, pills , potions, betting you name it you will probably find it.

No.3 Rule

Join some forums, there are lots out there but one I would highly recomend is I have actually met offline many of the people who are regulars on this forum, you will find no noncence advice and get ratings on how well business opportunity's are doing, you will be made most welcome.