Monday, 1 February 2010

Tiscali Network has been shut down

Over my years in the MLM industry I have seen many company's come and go and I am sad to say that Tiscali's MLM scheme has now ceased and gone to the bit mlm grave yard in the sky.

I myself was one of the many Independant Business Associates working from home promoting the Tiscali Brand.

Personally I am gutted to see this opportunity go, it offered an excellent opportunity for the joe blogs on the street to make money and had everything that I would recomend you look for in a home based business.

There were many rumours going around about the final fate of Tiscali, but a buyer was soon found.

Thankfully last year I started to see the writing was on the wall and looked doubtfull that the Talk Talk brand would keep us IBA's in business.

Then one morning I got an e-mail from someone who I had known via another online opportunity, he was telling me about the opportunity with FM Cosmetics, I took a look at the business and I was very impressed with it.

Its a good old saying as one door shuts, another one opens and I can honestly say the way my FM business has been going its going to earn me far more than I could have earned with Tiscali, the product has mass appeal and it top quality.

Find out more about FM here.