Monday, 20 September 2010

Why I quite the Genie Is My Shopping Genie a scam?

I would not say that My shopping Genie was a scam, I was more than happy to part with £135 to join. I joined with all that enthusiasm cought up in the heat of the hype, my soul purpose was to use the Genie to promote my FM Cosmetics business. You see the Genie is brandable, you can use it to advertise your business.

I bought the leaflets and started putting them out, I was expecting a good return on downloads but alas nothing happened, I done some more promotion, I got out and spoke to people, I honestly gave it a good try but after only 3 downloads in 2 months, one of them was me putting it on another computer just to make sure the thing worked.

So when the second monthly fee came around and faced with having to shell out yet another $29 I decided enough was enough and I quite promoting the Genie and decided to concentrate on my FM Cosmetics business.

So off out now to do some more work...

Whats planned for today.

Well today is work head on, just back from taking my son to the train station for his first day at Uni. The rest of the kids are away to school.

My FM business is starting to grow really fast, my team is sitting at 28 today, plus I still have someone still to register.

My target was to have a team of 30 by the end of September 2010, looks like I am going to smash that target.

Today I will be concentrating on getting letters made up to target Salons and Hairdressers for more distributors and schools and nurserys for fundraisers, if the weather stays dry I might head out and do some door to door leafleting.

Are you looking to make more money?

If so whether you are young or old, man or women I would say FM Cosmetics offers one of the best MLM Business Opportunity's out there today.

Find out more from

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Paige Richardson's second audition XFactor 2010

This guy I thought had an amazing voice right from the very start, why he did not get through on his first audition beats me, here is his second one.

XFactor 2010

Love it or hate it XFaxtor 2010 is here again.

I have decided to blog a bit about what is going on in my life and the ins and outs ups and downs as a single mum to my 4 kids.

I don't watch much telly as the kids take it over Between the Simpsons, Hanna Montana and my eldests interest in every thing mechanical How its made :)

But I do draw the line and Sat night X Factor is not to be missed I have followed it for years :)

Oh I am a self confessed Corrie Street fan too so I will blog a bit about that too.

Back to XFactor 2010 although not my taste in music I though Cher Lloyd's performance was amazing for a sweet looking 16 year old Cheryl Cole loved her performance.


Just chilling this morning, the kids are all away at their dads so spending a bit of quite time before they decend on me again so today its a day of housework when they arrive back, my eldest starts Uni tomorrow so going to get the wee room downstairs turned into an office and he is buying a Mac book so he can do his Uni work.

I have a few orders to get out today, yippee some cash on a Sunday :)

Then it will be off to church this evening.

Tomorrow I plan to drive my son to Uni for his first day

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

$5000/week working part time from home

Ahhh who ever would have thought you could actually make $5,000 a week working from the confort of your home enjoying yourself and chatting with other people who are like minded.... I found a great system that teaches you how to use the social networks to build you a nice income, build your list (well we do keep getting told the money is in the list) and ultamatly any online business you care to promote.

Even better the little system yeilds a 60% - 70% conversion rate.

Have I got you interested ? Every one online is looking for that holy grail that system that secret, I know the secret to success, yep I got it one day the penny did drop when I took a look at my team members in one of my MLM busineses.

Yes I discovered the secret the Guru's really don't want you to hear about and if you are the slightest bit curious then I will tell you!!

Yes thats right I will tell you!

But I ain't gonna tell you here ....... sorry

I need to know you are a person of action.

I need to know you are pasionate about earning an income online.

So what I would like from you is to add me to skype if you have it, if you have not got skype get it! Its free and its free to use! So I don't want to hear your excuses!

Once you have skype please add fiona.regan1 and copy this short message "I want to know the secret :)"

And I will tell you, as a meercat would say simples

Monday, 23 August 2010

$5000/week working part time from home

$5000/week working part time from home
This really works and is easy to do.
No selling involved. I will train you fully.
No experience necessary. You can get started
right away and get paid weekly.
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Friday, 23 July 2010

Some facts about the Internet and My Shopping Genie

1) In 1996 the Internet had 10,000 visits per day Today it is
3.1 Billion
And it is still a baby, with Govn’t investing into it to make
it better.

2) Ebay did $64 Billion in sales last year which was more than
all the directs sales companies combined.

3) Our Genie is build on a Microsoft Platform and we ride on

4) There are between 50 and 200 million Apps installed every day.

Get Your FREE Genie App today.

5) Google’s numbers were up 37% in the first quarter this year
and Apps were up 92%.

6) The genie is about finding the best price. Google is a
diversion to finding things

7) Toolbars only do about 1.4% of all searches and we have access
to 98% thru Google Yahoo and Bing.

8) In 2008 4% of people bought online, in 2009 10% bought online
and it is predicted by 2014 that 40% of people will be buying

9) Google contains 18% of online shopping and has 75% of all

10) The average person will use the Genie 88 times per month

11) 65% of people go online to Price Compare. Our Genie is
perfect for them!

12) We have 50 Genie users to every distributor. MLM companies
only dream of those numbers.

13) No one can give the average person click income like we can
with the Genie!

14) The genie presently get’s used 220,000 times per day.

16) We are currently in the middle of the biggest shift in
Financial wealth. People shopping online!

17) Traditional business saw 5-8% growth last year and Technology
saw 100%

18) Google had over $23.65 billion in Gross Revenue last year. 1
in every 5 searches is a paid search!
They get about 35cents per click and share that with whoever
drove the traffic. Our click income comes from here.

19) Google has positioned itself to harvest the internet, and the
Genie web APP puts itself right there with Google!

20) Traffic is already on the internet, we just redirect it!

21) We are an Application and people Install it. Not Download

22) Quote from Chuck Williams “ Our Dreams are a little too big
for Corporate America” The Genie can help us all accomplish
our goals.

23) for each Genie you give away you will earn an average of
$3 per month for life.

Give a away 1000 genies & that will make you $36,000 a year in
total passive income!

Do you know that you would need $1 Million Dollars in the Bank
earning 3.6% Interest to make the same $36,000 a year.

Now which is going to be easier?

Giving just 1000 genies away for free that save people money


Make $1 Million Dollars Tax Free & keep the cash in a bank
earning 3.6%?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Select is a scam? Review the select

In my opinion the Select is a scam. I normally only write about opportunities that are great, but today I have been compelled to write about a company that keeps on getting away with scamming people who are looking for a way to make money online via ebay by dropshipping.

The select offer what seems a very lucrative deal for those wishing to sell on ebay or any of the other major platforms, they offer in there advertising that you can by stuff from them and make up to 80% profit. This is outlandish claims and untrue.

On investigating further it seems that the only thing the select realy does is try and take your money.

The do not offer products that are cheaper than ebay. You will find the select selling products at the same price as you would would buy from ebay, so the outlandish claims that you can make thousands per month are simply rubbish.

To make money you have to buy cheap and sell high, futhermore if you investigate the select futher and look into there registration at company's house you will find they are registered as a retail business and not a wholesaler.

If you do your research on line many many people have been scammed out a lot of money from the select, heres some nice forum posts to help you make up your mind about the select.

It seems that if you cancel your Direct Debit they phone you constantly daily to try and get you to pay, they even try to persuade you that they ARE offering a service that people are making money.

I have yet to come accross anyone who has made money via The Select.

My advice is don't touch the select with a barge pole, they are nothing but dirty rotten scammers that don't deserve to be in business.

If you have found yourself in a position that you have made the awful mistake of signing up with the select my advice is cancel any Direct Debits and don't be intimidated by there constant phone calls, at the end of the day they are misleading people with there hyped up advertising and it seems the only way they can make money is to try and use scare tactics to get you to pay.

In fact on the forum DropShip Forum Reviews - Dropshippers a whopping 65% voted The Select as a SCAM and 10% voted the select was AWFUL and a futher 6% voted the products at the select very poor.

It is my hope that these cretins are put out of business very very soon before they get caught up in there glossy page magazine adds and rave reviews that only seem to come from the mouths of those very people at the select that are making all the false claims.

What Help Can you expect to get from the Ashmax leaders? And why ashmax ? why Nick Ames?

What can you get from ashmax? Just last week a good friend and my mentor that had tought me everything I know about internet marketing today contacted me about Ashmax.

I was really skeptical at first but then I looked at the Ashmax business and seen that it was a tool to skyrocket 2 really well estabished affiliate programmes online.

Here is a link you can check out to find out more about ashmax

Join Ashmax here

Sunday, 18 July 2010

What is AshMax and How AshMax Works

How AshMax Works ? Ashmax is a free online tool that helps you to build 2 of the best home based opportunities on the internet today, the Ashmax leaders Nick Ames has put together this Ashmax programme to help ordinary people make money and take advantage of leveraging the power of the internet, no mater what you background or experience.

See Nick Ames explaining AshMax

Will I make money from joining AshMax?

Ashmax is a free tool to help you promote 2 of the finest affiliate programmes online today, once inside the back office you have to take action! joining Ashmax and doing nothing else is not going to earn you any money, you need to follow through and join the 2 affiliate programmes, you will find these by clicking MY SPONSER section in the back office.

Join Ashmax here

The Ashmax System.

Ashmax gives you a great resourse to promote your 2 affilaite programmes, everything you need is in there, you can log in to both affiliate programmes, you can view tutorials of how to set up your ashmax system, keep track of your growing downline.

AshMax Team Leaders

The team leaders are there to assist you and help you grow your business, there is 24/7 support via the skype chat room and lots of free marketing advice going around to help you.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Review My Shopping Genie the next big MLM to hit the UK

I joined My Shopping Genie last week and I am so impressed with the prospecting system, I have never seen anything like it in the mlm industry.

You get 2 web sites:-


The Training:-

Take a good look around Join The Genie

I am sure you will agree there is a ton of info on this site.

What to do now? Get the Genie for Free and try it out, many are making great savings from My Shopping Genie.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

My MLM FM business is really growing now.

Probably just a bit off subject but I just read on one of the forums I go on that opportunity Zoom has just turned out to be a big scam

It seems like Rick was having a great time spending other peoples money they thought they were investing into a business.

This brings me back round to FM Cosmetics, they have a solid product that you can build a serious income from, they don't ask you for money up front, there is no joining fee, however you do need to buy a starter kit within 30 days of joining, they start from only £9.95 so OK even if you find the business is not for you whats a tenner these days, however....

I have had quite a few of my new distributors starting with the kit under a tenner and averaged around £130 worth of sales with there first order, so they have been in profit straight away, within days as FM don't hang about with your order like so many of the big work from home & party plan companys, you place your order before 2pm and your order is delivered the next day by courier.

Click here to find out more about the FM opportunity

PLR membership at an unbeatable price and quality offer

If you are looking for the best PLR in the
self improvement or personal development
niche, I suggest you look no further than
Khai Ngs PLR.

Theres one more thing you must know about Khai.
Khais PLR is based on a strong emphasis is on
relevant personal development topics. Hes
thoroughly passionate about personal growth and
these are the content you can use to market to
your customers right away!

That is why one of the reasons why I highly
recommend Khais PLR is because he goes the
extra mile to provide high quality content
in the biggest markets online.

Heres what youll get:

- E-books in the biggest, largest market on the
Internet. Everyone knows that personal development
is a niche that people are willing to spend money on.

- Professionally designed E-covers by a top designer

- Sales letters written by top copywriters

- Squeeze pages for capturing leads easily

- Special reports for each E-book that you can pre-sell as a preview

- Thank you pages that will make your customer feel like a king

- And Articles and blog posts that you can use to drive traffic with!

You can paste your name as the author of the books,
put your name on the E-cover, sell the content for
100% of the profits, market them virally and build
your list, use the articles for directory submission
and traffic generation and even build relationships
with your blog readers with the content!

The sky is the limit, and best of all, hes offering
it at such a crazy price, you would think it is unfair for him!

However, there are only limited copies available and
at the rate the people are hitting his website, I
expect this to be snapped up quickly.

Hurry and dont be late a good offer, no wait let me
rephrase that. A great offer like this comes only once
in a blue moon. So grab it now when it is at the
lowest price.

To your success,

Fiona Regan

P.S. Ive had a chat with Khai and he told me some insider news.
After a certain amount of copies given out, the price will go up
because launch offers like these are bound to have lots of buyers.
So I highly recommend you snap this up now.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Is FM a scam?

If thats what you were searching for then you have arrived at my blog and I am happy to tell you that FM is definatly not a scam.

What you will find is a great mlm opportunity.

I joined FM to sell their vast range of perfumes and growing range of cosmetics and household cleaning products.

When you join FM you won't be asked to pay a joining fee.

You will be asked to buy a kit of samples, these start at just £9.50 If you do want the kit at £9.50 please contact me via my web site here

There are no ongoing costs, FM make their money from you selling FM fragrances, you get the orders, you then place your order and its delivered to you the next working day.

The fragrances themselfs are high quality and FM use DROM who manufacture the oils that go into making the fragrances, DROM makes fragrances for many leading high street brands.

FM has been so successful that there have established offices in over 50 countrys.

Download the fragrance catalogue here

Join FM today

How's my business going.

Brilliant, my team is growing almost weekly now, 3 new team members in a week and I expect that to skyrocket, I have stalls booked for every Gala day local to me for the next few months, some fundraisers and partys to do and an advert going into a local publication.

You really can't go wrong with FM and FM is defo NOT a scam

Thursday, 13 May 2010

How my FM Perfume business is going.

My FM home based business is booming! What have I been doing? Lots of different things. My passion has been to help charitys raise funds for much needed items, with FM I have been able to do exactly what I wanted, because the pay plan is so good I can afford to give charitys 20% commission on sales and still earn some money myself along the way.

Yesterday I went and booked a stall at a local event to sell the FM Fragrances and met with the advertising executive of a local magazine to discuss my adverts, I also went to pick up my mini kit and catalogue from an office I had left it at. They asked me to come back today as not everyone had seen it.... so more about that later!

Today I spent some time getting together images and text for my add, this add is going to target distributors & party planners. I also have found another local event to get a stall at, I also had an enquiry about a fundraiser, it was a bit too far away for me to do so I contacted one of my team members to see if he could do it.

Got to go out now and pick up my mini kit and find a new home for it, I have no intention of it coming back home with me.

In the meantime have a look at the business opportunity with FM Cosmetics.

Monday, 29 March 2010

FM Perfume business goes from stength to strength

It been a while since I updated my blog as I have been really busy with my FM business.

I am seeing many people who have failed in MLM or a home based business are getting success with FM, it is really a simple business, see my comments about FM on my web site

If you are searching for a home based business that is easy to run then I urge you to have a good look at FM Cosmetics.

Heres the key advantages of running a FM cosmetics business.

Low start up costs, from just £24.99 for a kit with 100 perfume samples

No major expense on running your business, simply show people your perfume kit and get them sniffing and you get sales.

Good profit margins, you earn 33% + up to an additional 21% bonus, I challenge you to find a higher paying opportunity in the industry.

Join my team and you will have access to lots of support, an opportunity to have your business opportunity promoted for free! Access to low low cost printing to help you to promote your FM business

Join Fiona Regan today at This site is also free for you to set up once you join FM!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Tiscali Network has been shut down

Over my years in the MLM industry I have seen many company's come and go and I am sad to say that Tiscali's MLM scheme has now ceased and gone to the bit mlm grave yard in the sky.

I myself was one of the many Independant Business Associates working from home promoting the Tiscali Brand.

Personally I am gutted to see this opportunity go, it offered an excellent opportunity for the joe blogs on the street to make money and had everything that I would recomend you look for in a home based business.

There were many rumours going around about the final fate of Tiscali, but a buyer was soon found.

Thankfully last year I started to see the writing was on the wall and looked doubtfull that the Talk Talk brand would keep us IBA's in business.

Then one morning I got an e-mail from someone who I had known via another online opportunity, he was telling me about the opportunity with FM Cosmetics, I took a look at the business and I was very impressed with it.

Its a good old saying as one door shuts, another one opens and I can honestly say the way my FM business has been going its going to earn me far more than I could have earned with Tiscali, the product has mass appeal and it top quality.

Find out more about FM here.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Easy Home Based Business Opportunity

I spent many years looking for the ideal home based business opportunity and in my opinion I have found it.

What should you look for in a home based business? This is what I looked for.

Join FM Cosmetics here

No. 1 Should be a great product.

No. 2 The product should have mass appeal.

No. 3 Price is another important factor, it must be affordable to the joe bloggs on the street.

No. 4 It should be a consumable product, you want your customers who you have worked hard to find to come back and make more purchases and recomend friends.

No. 5 Good commission structure.

Join FM Cosmetics here

So what did I find? FM Cosmetics! There main product is Perfumes and they do a range of houshold products and just introduced a range of cosmetics.

I have a friend who owns a salon, I was there getting my hair done and her staff were busy trying the different fragrances from my sample kit, my friend signed up as a distributor and so did 2 of her staff, they loved the fragrances and were even more impressed with the price.

The perfumes range from just £7 through to the luxury range that comes in fancy packaging at £24.99. Most of the range sells at either £10.50 or £14.99, what I find is people are buying 2 or 3 bottles at a time becuase its so affordable.

Then there is the great compensation plan, starting at a whopping 33% + up to an additional 21% up for grabs it comes in at the highest paying pay plan I have came accross in the MLM industry.

Combine all the above together and you are looking at in my opinion one of the best ever mlm opportunitys, giving you the opportunity to work from home.

I believe FM will become a household brand in the not too distant future.

Join FM Cosmetics here

Monday, 18 January 2010

Online Success for Beginners 2 week trial for only $1

If you are looking to learn how to market any business online then here is something thats going to blow you away.

Marion Tranque and Gary have put together an amazing offer.

They are offering you a trial of OLSB for 2 whole weeks, thats 4 live webinars for a crazy price of just $1.

Having done this course myself I can assure you once you have got a taste of the training available you won't want to leave the course.

The 2 webinars a night is not all you get! You also get daily support via Skype with someone available virtually any time of the day Mon - Friday to give you advice.

Get your hands on the $1 trial right here click here now

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Review FM Fragrance opportunity

Having been in the mlm industry for a number of years and seen many company's come and go, I rarely get really excited by all the hype of new company's to come onto the mlm industry.

That was untill I came across FM Fragrance, they came to the UK in 2006, I must admit I joined them back then and did not see the potential of the business.

I was asked to look at the business again at the back end of last year.

I was surpised to find that many people were making amazing incomes from FM Fragrance.

The concept is simple, buy a bottle of fragrance for £10 and sell for £14.99 a whopping 33% mark up.

The best thing about it is you will be offering your friends and family there favourite fragrance at vastly discounted prices from similar high street brand names.

My friend loves Be Delicous, I was able to find her a similar scent from the FM range, she was delighted with the quality and most of all the price!

Talking about quality, the FM range contains up to 20% parfume compaired to many high street ranges that only contain 4 - 6% parfume, this means FM Fragrance offers top quality perfumes at prices much lower than high street brands.

FM have also further enhanced the business by adding a cosmetics range with prices very competative with the high street brands and Avon.

FM offers a simple business opportunity that anyone regardless of age and gender can pick up the kit and ask "whats your favourite scent?" whip out the appropriate sample, put some on there wrist and watch the reaction! Then ask them how much they pay normally on the high street, then tell them the price of the FM brand! Sale Sale Sale!!

Find out more info and how to get in contact with me go to

Saturday, 2 January 2010

How can you make money from FM Cosmetics

Over the quite period between Christmas and new year I have been putting together a plan of how I am going to grow my FM Fragrance Business.

In the earlier days of working from home the biggest question I asked was how do I promote this product, quite often there was no help coming back, no ideas being bounced about, I am sure if you have looked at the home based industry you may have asked the same questions yourself?

I think when you are looking at a business then you have to have some vision as to how you are going to grow the business and get those important sales to make you money.

Here are some of the ideas I have come up with and plan to put into action in the coming weeks to promote the FM business opportunity.

Advertise in the job centre and local papers for Party Planners, this is a great business to do party plan, many people are getting on average sales of around £300 making nearly £100 for a few hours of work.

Door to door, making use of the excellent catalogue that FM provides I will be out door to door to find new customers.

Approach Hair Dressers, Salons ect., to see if they would be interested in becoming distributors.

Fundraising is another excellent way to promote FM, the great commission payments mean you can offer the charity a decent persentage of the sales, schools, nursery's and mother and toddlers are all good places for approaching for fundraising.

Offices are another great source of customers, I know someone who got orders for 200 bottles of perfume from one office.

Find out more about joining FM Cosmetics Click Here.