Saturday, 2 January 2010

How can you make money from FM Cosmetics

Over the quite period between Christmas and new year I have been putting together a plan of how I am going to grow my FM Fragrance Business.

In the earlier days of working from home the biggest question I asked was how do I promote this product, quite often there was no help coming back, no ideas being bounced about, I am sure if you have looked at the home based industry you may have asked the same questions yourself?

I think when you are looking at a business then you have to have some vision as to how you are going to grow the business and get those important sales to make you money.

Here are some of the ideas I have come up with and plan to put into action in the coming weeks to promote the FM business opportunity.

Advertise in the job centre and local papers for Party Planners, this is a great business to do party plan, many people are getting on average sales of around £300 making nearly £100 for a few hours of work.

Door to door, making use of the excellent catalogue that FM provides I will be out door to door to find new customers.

Approach Hair Dressers, Salons ect., to see if they would be interested in becoming distributors.

Fundraising is another excellent way to promote FM, the great commission payments mean you can offer the charity a decent persentage of the sales, schools, nursery's and mother and toddlers are all good places for approaching for fundraising.

Offices are another great source of customers, I know someone who got orders for 200 bottles of perfume from one office.

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  1. Hi Fiona I really like your site its coming along very well.
    I am interested in your Perfume Products for Angela as a present can you send me some details please.