Monday, 20 September 2010

Why I quite the Genie Is My Shopping Genie a scam?

I would not say that My shopping Genie was a scam, I was more than happy to part with £135 to join. I joined with all that enthusiasm cought up in the heat of the hype, my soul purpose was to use the Genie to promote my FM Cosmetics business. You see the Genie is brandable, you can use it to advertise your business.

I bought the leaflets and started putting them out, I was expecting a good return on downloads but alas nothing happened, I done some more promotion, I got out and spoke to people, I honestly gave it a good try but after only 3 downloads in 2 months, one of them was me putting it on another computer just to make sure the thing worked.

So when the second monthly fee came around and faced with having to shell out yet another $29 I decided enough was enough and I quite promoting the Genie and decided to concentrate on my FM Cosmetics business.

So off out now to do some more work...

Whats planned for today.

Well today is work head on, just back from taking my son to the train station for his first day at Uni. The rest of the kids are away to school.

My FM business is starting to grow really fast, my team is sitting at 28 today, plus I still have someone still to register.

My target was to have a team of 30 by the end of September 2010, looks like I am going to smash that target.

Today I will be concentrating on getting letters made up to target Salons and Hairdressers for more distributors and schools and nurserys for fundraisers, if the weather stays dry I might head out and do some door to door leafleting.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Paige Richardson's second audition XFactor 2010

This guy I thought had an amazing voice right from the very start, why he did not get through on his first audition beats me, here is his second one.

XFactor 2010

Love it or hate it XFaxtor 2010 is here again.

I have decided to blog a bit about what is going on in my life and the ins and outs ups and downs as a single mum to my 4 kids.

I don't watch much telly as the kids take it over Between the Simpsons, Hanna Montana and my eldests interest in every thing mechanical How its made :)

But I do draw the line and Sat night X Factor is not to be missed I have followed it for years :)

Oh I am a self confessed Corrie Street fan too so I will blog a bit about that too.

Back to XFactor 2010 although not my taste in music I though Cher Lloyd's performance was amazing for a sweet looking 16 year old Cheryl Cole loved her performance.


Just chilling this morning, the kids are all away at their dads so spending a bit of quite time before they decend on me again so today its a day of housework when they arrive back, my eldest starts Uni tomorrow so going to get the wee room downstairs turned into an office and he is buying a Mac book so he can do his Uni work.

I have a few orders to get out today, yippee some cash on a Sunday :)

Then it will be off to church this evening.

Tomorrow I plan to drive my son to Uni for his first day