Sunday, 19 September 2010

XFactor 2010

Love it or hate it XFaxtor 2010 is here again.

I have decided to blog a bit about what is going on in my life and the ins and outs ups and downs as a single mum to my 4 kids.

I don't watch much telly as the kids take it over Between the Simpsons, Hanna Montana and my eldests interest in every thing mechanical How its made :)

But I do draw the line and Sat night X Factor is not to be missed I have followed it for years :)

Oh I am a self confessed Corrie Street fan too so I will blog a bit about that too.

Back to XFactor 2010 although not my taste in music I though Cher Lloyd's performance was amazing for a sweet looking 16 year old Cheryl Cole loved her performance.


Just chilling this morning, the kids are all away at their dads so spending a bit of quite time before they decend on me again so today its a day of housework when they arrive back, my eldest starts Uni tomorrow so going to get the wee room downstairs turned into an office and he is buying a Mac book so he can do his Uni work.

I have a few orders to get out today, yippee some cash on a Sunday :)

Then it will be off to church this evening.

Tomorrow I plan to drive my son to Uni for his first day

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