Friday, 29 January 2010

Easy Home Based Business Opportunity

I spent many years looking for the ideal home based business opportunity and in my opinion I have found it.

What should you look for in a home based business? This is what I looked for.

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No. 1 Should be a great product.

No. 2 The product should have mass appeal.

No. 3 Price is another important factor, it must be affordable to the joe bloggs on the street.

No. 4 It should be a consumable product, you want your customers who you have worked hard to find to come back and make more purchases and recomend friends.

No. 5 Good commission structure.

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So what did I find? FM Cosmetics! There main product is Perfumes and they do a range of houshold products and just introduced a range of cosmetics.

I have a friend who owns a salon, I was there getting my hair done and her staff were busy trying the different fragrances from my sample kit, my friend signed up as a distributor and so did 2 of her staff, they loved the fragrances and were even more impressed with the price.

The perfumes range from just £7 through to the luxury range that comes in fancy packaging at £24.99. Most of the range sells at either £10.50 or £14.99, what I find is people are buying 2 or 3 bottles at a time becuase its so affordable.

Then there is the great compensation plan, starting at a whopping 33% + up to an additional 21% up for grabs it comes in at the highest paying pay plan I have came accross in the MLM industry.

Combine all the above together and you are looking at in my opinion one of the best ever mlm opportunitys, giving you the opportunity to work from home.

I believe FM will become a household brand in the not too distant future.

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Online Success for Beginners 2 week trial for only $1

If you are looking to learn how to market any business online then here is something thats going to blow you away.

Marion Tranque and Gary have put together an amazing offer.

They are offering you a trial of OLSB for 2 whole weeks, thats 4 live webinars for a crazy price of just $1.

Having done this course myself I can assure you once you have got a taste of the training available you won't want to leave the course.

The 2 webinars a night is not all you get! You also get daily support via Skype with someone available virtually any time of the day Mon - Friday to give you advice.

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Review FM Fragrance opportunity

Having been in the mlm industry for a number of years and seen many company's come and go, I rarely get really excited by all the hype of new company's to come onto the mlm industry.

That was untill I came across FM Fragrance, they came to the UK in 2006, I must admit I joined them back then and did not see the potential of the business.

I was asked to look at the business again at the back end of last year.

I was surpised to find that many people were making amazing incomes from FM Fragrance.

The concept is simple, buy a bottle of fragrance for £10 and sell for £14.99 a whopping 33% mark up.

The best thing about it is you will be offering your friends and family there favourite fragrance at vastly discounted prices from similar high street brand names.

My friend loves Be Delicous, I was able to find her a similar scent from the FM range, she was delighted with the quality and most of all the price!

Talking about quality, the FM range contains up to 20% parfume compaired to many high street ranges that only contain 4 - 6% parfume, this means FM Fragrance offers top quality perfumes at prices much lower than high street brands.

FM have also further enhanced the business by adding a cosmetics range with prices very competative with the high street brands and Avon.

FM offers a simple business opportunity that anyone regardless of age and gender can pick up the kit and ask "whats your favourite scent?" whip out the appropriate sample, put some on there wrist and watch the reaction! Then ask them how much they pay normally on the high street, then tell them the price of the FM brand! Sale Sale Sale!!

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

How can you make money from FM Cosmetics

Over the quite period between Christmas and new year I have been putting together a plan of how I am going to grow my FM Fragrance Business.

In the earlier days of working from home the biggest question I asked was how do I promote this product, quite often there was no help coming back, no ideas being bounced about, I am sure if you have looked at the home based industry you may have asked the same questions yourself?

I think when you are looking at a business then you have to have some vision as to how you are going to grow the business and get those important sales to make you money.

Here are some of the ideas I have come up with and plan to put into action in the coming weeks to promote the FM business opportunity.

Advertise in the job centre and local papers for Party Planners, this is a great business to do party plan, many people are getting on average sales of around £300 making nearly £100 for a few hours of work.

Door to door, making use of the excellent catalogue that FM provides I will be out door to door to find new customers.

Approach Hair Dressers, Salons ect., to see if they would be interested in becoming distributors.

Fundraising is another excellent way to promote FM, the great commission payments mean you can offer the charity a decent persentage of the sales, schools, nursery's and mother and toddlers are all good places for approaching for fundraising.

Offices are another great source of customers, I know someone who got orders for 200 bottles of perfume from one office.

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