Thursday, 29 July 2010

We Are All One Consciousness

Friday, 23 July 2010

Some facts about the Internet and My Shopping Genie

1) In 1996 the Internet had 10,000 visits per day Today it is
3.1 Billion
And it is still a baby, with Govn’t investing into it to make
it better.

2) Ebay did $64 Billion in sales last year which was more than
all the directs sales companies combined.

3) Our Genie is build on a Microsoft Platform and we ride on

4) There are between 50 and 200 million Apps installed every day.

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5) Google’s numbers were up 37% in the first quarter this year
and Apps were up 92%.

6) The genie is about finding the best price. Google is a
diversion to finding things

7) Toolbars only do about 1.4% of all searches and we have access
to 98% thru Google Yahoo and Bing.

8) In 2008 4% of people bought online, in 2009 10% bought online
and it is predicted by 2014 that 40% of people will be buying

9) Google contains 18% of online shopping and has 75% of all

10) The average person will use the Genie 88 times per month

11) 65% of people go online to Price Compare. Our Genie is
perfect for them!

12) We have 50 Genie users to every distributor. MLM companies
only dream of those numbers.

13) No one can give the average person click income like we can
with the Genie!

14) The genie presently get’s used 220,000 times per day.

16) We are currently in the middle of the biggest shift in
Financial wealth. People shopping online!

17) Traditional business saw 5-8% growth last year and Technology
saw 100%

18) Google had over $23.65 billion in Gross Revenue last year. 1
in every 5 searches is a paid search!
They get about 35cents per click and share that with whoever
drove the traffic. Our click income comes from here.

19) Google has positioned itself to harvest the internet, and the
Genie web APP puts itself right there with Google!

20) Traffic is already on the internet, we just redirect it!

21) We are an Application and people Install it. Not Download

22) Quote from Chuck Williams “ Our Dreams are a little too big
for Corporate America” The Genie can help us all accomplish
our goals.

23) for each Genie you give away you will earn an average of
$3 per month for life.

Give a away 1000 genies & that will make you $36,000 a year in
total passive income!

Do you know that you would need $1 Million Dollars in the Bank
earning 3.6% Interest to make the same $36,000 a year.

Now which is going to be easier?

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earning 3.6%?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Select is a scam? Review the select

In my opinion the Select is a scam. I normally only write about opportunities that are great, but today I have been compelled to write about a company that keeps on getting away with scamming people who are looking for a way to make money online via ebay by dropshipping.

The select offer what seems a very lucrative deal for those wishing to sell on ebay or any of the other major platforms, they offer in there advertising that you can by stuff from them and make up to 80% profit. This is outlandish claims and untrue.

On investigating further it seems that the only thing the select realy does is try and take your money.

The do not offer products that are cheaper than ebay. You will find the select selling products at the same price as you would would buy from ebay, so the outlandish claims that you can make thousands per month are simply rubbish.

To make money you have to buy cheap and sell high, futhermore if you investigate the select futher and look into there registration at company's house you will find they are registered as a retail business and not a wholesaler.

If you do your research on line many many people have been scammed out a lot of money from the select, heres some nice forum posts to help you make up your mind about the select.

It seems that if you cancel your Direct Debit they phone you constantly daily to try and get you to pay, they even try to persuade you that they ARE offering a service that people are making money.

I have yet to come accross anyone who has made money via The Select.

My advice is don't touch the select with a barge pole, they are nothing but dirty rotten scammers that don't deserve to be in business.

If you have found yourself in a position that you have made the awful mistake of signing up with the select my advice is cancel any Direct Debits and don't be intimidated by there constant phone calls, at the end of the day they are misleading people with there hyped up advertising and it seems the only way they can make money is to try and use scare tactics to get you to pay.

In fact on the forum DropShip Forum Reviews - Dropshippers a whopping 65% voted The Select as a SCAM and 10% voted the select was AWFUL and a futher 6% voted the products at the select very poor.

It is my hope that these cretins are put out of business very very soon before they get caught up in there glossy page magazine adds and rave reviews that only seem to come from the mouths of those very people at the select that are making all the false claims.

What Help Can you expect to get from the Ashmax leaders? And why ashmax ? why Nick Ames?

What can you get from ashmax? Just last week a good friend and my mentor that had tought me everything I know about internet marketing today contacted me about Ashmax.

I was really skeptical at first but then I looked at the Ashmax business and seen that it was a tool to skyrocket 2 really well estabished affiliate programmes online.

Here is a link you can check out to find out more about ashmax

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

What is AshMax and How AshMax Works

How AshMax Works ? Ashmax is a free online tool that helps you to build 2 of the best home based opportunities on the internet today, the Ashmax leaders Nick Ames has put together this Ashmax programme to help ordinary people make money and take advantage of leveraging the power of the internet, no mater what you background or experience.

See Nick Ames explaining AshMax

Will I make money from joining AshMax?

Ashmax is a free tool to help you promote 2 of the finest affiliate programmes online today, once inside the back office you have to take action! joining Ashmax and doing nothing else is not going to earn you any money, you need to follow through and join the 2 affiliate programmes, you will find these by clicking MY SPONSER section in the back office.

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The Ashmax System.

Ashmax gives you a great resourse to promote your 2 affilaite programmes, everything you need is in there, you can log in to both affiliate programmes, you can view tutorials of how to set up your ashmax system, keep track of your growing downline.

AshMax Team Leaders

The team leaders are there to assist you and help you grow your business, there is 24/7 support via the skype chat room and lots of free marketing advice going around to help you.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Review My Shopping Genie the next big MLM to hit the UK

I joined My Shopping Genie last week and I am so impressed with the prospecting system, I have never seen anything like it in the mlm industry.

You get 2 web sites:-


The Training:-

Take a good look around Join The Genie

I am sure you will agree there is a ton of info on this site.

What to do now? Get the Genie for Free and try it out, many are making great savings from My Shopping Genie.