Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Select is a scam? Review the select

In my opinion the Select is a scam. I normally only write about opportunities that are great, but today I have been compelled to write about a company that keeps on getting away with scamming people who are looking for a way to make money online via ebay by dropshipping.

The select offer what seems a very lucrative deal for those wishing to sell on ebay or any of the other major platforms, they offer in there advertising that you can by stuff from them and make up to 80% profit. This is outlandish claims and untrue.

On investigating further it seems that the only thing the select realy does is try and take your money.

The do not offer products that are cheaper than ebay. You will find the select selling products at the same price as you would would buy from ebay, so the outlandish claims that you can make thousands per month are simply rubbish.

To make money you have to buy cheap and sell high, futhermore if you investigate the select futher and look into there registration at company's house you will find they are registered as a retail business and not a wholesaler.

If you do your research on line many many people have been scammed out a lot of money from the select, heres some nice forum posts to help you make up your mind about the select.

It seems that if you cancel your Direct Debit they phone you constantly daily to try and get you to pay, they even try to persuade you that they ARE offering a service that people are making money.

I have yet to come accross anyone who has made money via The Select.

My advice is don't touch the select with a barge pole, they are nothing but dirty rotten scammers that don't deserve to be in business.

If you have found yourself in a position that you have made the awful mistake of signing up with the select my advice is cancel any Direct Debits and don't be intimidated by there constant phone calls, at the end of the day they are misleading people with there hyped up advertising and it seems the only way they can make money is to try and use scare tactics to get you to pay.

In fact on the forum DropShip Forum Reviews - Dropshippers a whopping 65% voted The Select as a SCAM and 10% voted the select was AWFUL and a futher 6% voted the products at the select very poor.

It is my hope that these cretins are put out of business very very soon before they get caught up in there glossy page magazine adds and rave reviews that only seem to come from the mouths of those very people at the select that are making all the false claims.

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