Thursday, 14 January 2010

Review FM Fragrance opportunity

Having been in the mlm industry for a number of years and seen many company's come and go, I rarely get really excited by all the hype of new company's to come onto the mlm industry.

That was untill I came across FM Fragrance, they came to the UK in 2006, I must admit I joined them back then and did not see the potential of the business.

I was asked to look at the business again at the back end of last year.

I was surpised to find that many people were making amazing incomes from FM Fragrance.

The concept is simple, buy a bottle of fragrance for £10 and sell for £14.99 a whopping 33% mark up.

The best thing about it is you will be offering your friends and family there favourite fragrance at vastly discounted prices from similar high street brand names.

My friend loves Be Delicous, I was able to find her a similar scent from the FM range, she was delighted with the quality and most of all the price!

Talking about quality, the FM range contains up to 20% parfume compaired to many high street ranges that only contain 4 - 6% parfume, this means FM Fragrance offers top quality perfumes at prices much lower than high street brands.

FM have also further enhanced the business by adding a cosmetics range with prices very competative with the high street brands and Avon.

FM offers a simple business opportunity that anyone regardless of age and gender can pick up the kit and ask "whats your favourite scent?" whip out the appropriate sample, put some on there wrist and watch the reaction! Then ask them how much they pay normally on the high street, then tell them the price of the FM brand! Sale Sale Sale!!

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