Friday, 29 January 2010

Easy Home Based Business Opportunity

I spent many years looking for the ideal home based business opportunity and in my opinion I have found it.

What should you look for in a home based business? This is what I looked for.

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No. 1 Should be a great product.

No. 2 The product should have mass appeal.

No. 3 Price is another important factor, it must be affordable to the joe bloggs on the street.

No. 4 It should be a consumable product, you want your customers who you have worked hard to find to come back and make more purchases and recomend friends.

No. 5 Good commission structure.

Join FM Cosmetics here

So what did I find? FM Cosmetics! There main product is Perfumes and they do a range of houshold products and just introduced a range of cosmetics.

I have a friend who owns a salon, I was there getting my hair done and her staff were busy trying the different fragrances from my sample kit, my friend signed up as a distributor and so did 2 of her staff, they loved the fragrances and were even more impressed with the price.

The perfumes range from just £7 through to the luxury range that comes in fancy packaging at £24.99. Most of the range sells at either £10.50 or £14.99, what I find is people are buying 2 or 3 bottles at a time becuase its so affordable.

Then there is the great compensation plan, starting at a whopping 33% + up to an additional 21% up for grabs it comes in at the highest paying pay plan I have came accross in the MLM industry.

Combine all the above together and you are looking at in my opinion one of the best ever mlm opportunitys, giving you the opportunity to work from home.

I believe FM will become a household brand in the not too distant future.

Join FM Cosmetics here

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