Friday, 28 May 2010


Is FM a scam?

If thats what you were searching for then you have arrived at my blog and I am happy to tell you that FM is definatly not a scam.

What you will find is a great mlm opportunity.

I joined FM to sell their vast range of perfumes and growing range of cosmetics and household cleaning products.

When you join FM you won't be asked to pay a joining fee.

You will be asked to buy a kit of samples, these start at just £9.50 If you do want the kit at £9.50 please contact me via my web site here

There are no ongoing costs, FM make their money from you selling FM fragrances, you get the orders, you then place your order and its delivered to you the next working day.

The fragrances themselfs are high quality and FM use DROM who manufacture the oils that go into making the fragrances, DROM makes fragrances for many leading high street brands.

FM has been so successful that there have established offices in over 50 countrys.

Download the fragrance catalogue here

Join FM today

How's my business going.

Brilliant, my team is growing almost weekly now, 3 new team members in a week and I expect that to skyrocket, I have stalls booked for every Gala day local to me for the next few months, some fundraisers and partys to do and an advert going into a local publication.

You really can't go wrong with FM and FM is defo NOT a scam


  1. The standard info every distributor is informed to repeat over and over to their prospects. Unfortunately FM so called leaders are in reality not earning the amounts they claim and when pressed to show evidence of profits less all expenses and time spent prospecting they become very defensive and aggressive. FM leaders are trained to keep enticing you in to earning lots money by using your 'hot button' basically reminding you of your why - your children, early retirement etc. FM have no real big money earners just points and leader names like Amaranth. They recently changed in 2013 their business and money plan to try avoid being charged with misleading financial earnings achieved in company. FM is 100% a SCAM!

    1. Of course it's a scam!