Sunday, 27 June 2010

My MLM FM business is really growing now.

Probably just a bit off subject but I just read on one of the forums I go on that opportunity Zoom has just turned out to be a big scam

It seems like Rick was having a great time spending other peoples money they thought they were investing into a business.

This brings me back round to FM Cosmetics, they have a solid product that you can build a serious income from, they don't ask you for money up front, there is no joining fee, however you do need to buy a starter kit within 30 days of joining, they start from only £9.95 so OK even if you find the business is not for you whats a tenner these days, however....

I have had quite a few of my new distributors starting with the kit under a tenner and averaged around £130 worth of sales with there first order, so they have been in profit straight away, within days as FM don't hang about with your order like so many of the big work from home & party plan companys, you place your order before 2pm and your order is delivered the next day by courier.

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