Friday, 7 August 2009

Making money online

The .com revolution????

With the dawn of the Internet many people started looking online to make a living and if you have came across this blog then the chances are you are looking for a way to make some money online.

Let me firstly tell you a little about me, I live in a town near Glasgow in Scotland and I am a mum to 4 great kids, I started my work from home search shortly after my second baby was born, with the break up of my marriage and getting to grips with benefits a lovely lady from the "brew" sat in my living room and told me I would get £67 a week to live on, I said oh I will still get my family allowance on top of that, she replied no that includes your family allowance too, I thought how am I meant to live on that, my hubby gave me a lot more than that just to do the weekly shop.

That was 12 year ago and it was the start of me looking at working from home as I realised how dependant I was on my husband and living on benifits had no apeal.

I started with company's like Betterware & Avon, after buying a computer I looked to the internet, what a minefield with many people trying to con you, even with all my experience I still got caught out a month ago, I fell foul of a scam and ended up having to claim back some money via the bank.

No. 1 Rule!

If you are going to buy anything online related to making money don't use your regular bank card where you keep your money for your food and bills. There is an option to get a pre-paid credit card, you need to go and put money in it before you can spend it, gives you time to really think through what you are doing, its all to easy to whip your credit or debit card out and loose your hard earned cash.

No. 2 Rule

Research the make money opportunity, there are many options out there between mlm, affiliate schemes, putting out catalogues, pills , potions, betting you name it you will probably find it.

No.3 Rule

Join some forums, there are lots out there but one I would highly recomend is I have actually met offline many of the people who are regulars on this forum, you will find no noncence advice and get ratings on how well business opportunity's are doing, you will be made most welcome.

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